A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Welcome to your Daymare! 

A Tropical Paradise where a Healthy Mind and Body are Key to your Survival!


Mares are infecting the Islanders… Collect Orb Items and return the Islanders back to normal before time runs out or before you too become infected!

Orb Items

• Helpful Fruit: Restores Mares to their Islander form, activated when passing by a Mare
• Magical Flute: Summons Magical Islanders to help (x3 Heals, lasts 30 seconds), activated when pressing spacebar
• Infinity Flower: Enables your Character's ability to make infinite heals (1.5x the move speed, lasts 15 seconds), activated when passing flower in-game

How to Play

  • Press spacebar to begin game
  • Use arrow/WASD keys to navigate
  • Use spacebar to activate Magical Flute

Created by:

  • Programmer, Cole Azevedo (@colewithagoal)
  • Artist, Alexis Young (@_leaniro)

Install instructions

[ Windows Instructions ]

- Download the zip file for Windows and extract the content into a folder location on your system, then run the "Daymare.exe" file.

[ MacOS Instructions ]

- Download the zip file for Mac OS and extract the .app file to a location on your system, double click Daymare.app (or just Daymare if ".app" is hidden) and the game should run!

[ Linux Instructions ]

- Honestly, I don't use Linux, if you do, I believe in your ability to figure it out, cheers!


Daymare 32 MB
Daymare (MacOS) 33 MB
Daymare (Linux) 36 MB


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I could play this all day! Great music, lovely island and helping people. I find things a little too easy (especially if I immediately cure the first infected), but wouldn't want it too hard :)

Thank you for playing and enjoying our game, Bigpants!
Your comment is much appreciated. :)